Straight to the source
Students in our Healthy Meals program visit local farm


Situated in the heart of the farm-to-fork capital, our Healthy Meals program has been working diligently to incorporate locally sourced foods into our meals. Moreover, we felt it would be appropriate to take the students in our program straight to the source by going on farm field trips.

In order to make this come to fruition, the Raley’s Extra Credit Grant was awarded to the Robla School District in April 2018 to support a project led in partnership with United Way California Capital Region, providing youth field trips to Fiery Ginger Farm, an urban farm in West Sacramento.

Good health is critical for children to stay in and succeed in school. These field trips help reinforce the importance of eating healthy so kids can learn, play and grow. During their time on the farm, the students learned about harvesting and planting various crops; how to properly wash and pack produce for distribution; got to taste test some produce; visited with farm animals; learn more about the importance of nutrition education from our friends at Health Education Council; and took home a plant to nurture and watch grow. 

A picture is worth a thousand words, so here’s an inside look into the field trip:

The children were so excited to visit the farm and learn more about locally sourced food grown in their backyards. Getting students out to the farm allows them to be more invested in where their meals come from and the work that it takes to sustain healthy eating habits. It is our hope that this encourages more children to partake in our healthy meal program so that we can keep more kids on track in school.

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