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United Way donors and volunteers are the center of our organization. Together, we can end poverty by helping kids meet important educational milestones so they graduate from high school prepared for success in college and beyond. Thank you for your support! You are making a significant impact in our community and changing lives.

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United Way Volunteer Center

Volunteers transform our communities. Volunteers devote time and talent to create a meaningful difference and impact in our region.  Whether you want to volunteer once, once a week, or once a year, we have something for you.  Give an hour. Give a day. We want you to join us as we make a difference in our region.

While I encourage everyone to review all the projects and their details, there is a project that I would like to highlight:


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We are stronger together. And when we are compelled to take action, we can make the boldest change working with others who are passionate about the same work. Our Action Groups give women, young leaders, retirees and college students the chance to find their niche in ending poverty.